Your baby’s Chinese zodiac and compatibility

My baby’s Chinese zodiac sign clashes with mine. What does that imply? Read all about the Chinese zodiac and compatibility from a Feng Shui master.

Most of you should be familiar with the twelve animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac. But, do you know that some of them “get along better” while some combinations may trigger conflicts?

Chinese zodiac and compatibility

According to the theory of the Chinese Zodiac, some animal signs can get along better and establish closer relationships as they share certain common characteristics. However, there are two sides to every coin. Going by the same theory, there is this always one zodiac sign that will “clash” with yours and you can expect an unpleasant relationship with people who belong to that sign.

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How true is the Chinese zodiac and compatibility theory?

Most parents are pretty convinced by this “clashes” theory and will try to avoid giving birth to a baby whose zodiac sign clashes with any of the immediate family members, for the sake of harmony, stronger family bonds etc. In some cases, the child (whose sign clashes with his/her parents) may even end up being blamed for all sorts of troubles or failures the parents encounter.

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