Your baby’s Chinese zodiac and compatibility

Chinese zodiac and compatibility theory: logic behind the “clashes” theory.

Each of the twelve zodiac signs has its own element, namely Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. For instance, the Rat is represented by the Water element and the Horse is represented by Fire. According to the Five Elements theory, Water extinguishes Fire, i.e. they are in clash. This is why people tend to associate such “elemental clashes” with disharmony or sour relationships.

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Chinese zodiac and compatibility: the “clash” chart

Below is a table that states each Chinese zodiac’s element and the sign that they clash with.

Your baby’s Chinese zodiac and compatibility

* According to the Five Elements theory, Earth clashes with Earth.

As mentioned above, the clashes between the Chinese zodiac signs are merely “elemental clashes”, thus you need not be too worried if your child’s Chinese zodiac sign clashes with yours.

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When it comes to the Chinese zodiac and compatibility, clashes between zodiac signs are of minor influence. When it comes to destiny analysis, Bazi plays the major role. Bazi is commonly referred to as Eight Characters, which is our birth year, month, day and hour. If you wish to know more about the compatibility between your child and yourself, a Bazi analysis shall do the trick!

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