Your pregnancy week by week: Week 32

After 31 weeks of pregnancy, you’re probably feeling the weight of your baby—about 1.8 kilos already! Your baby could measure up to 48 cm and space is getting cramped. Your baby is looking more and more like a newborn. He is also learning to act more like a newborn as well—by honing skills needed for life outside the womb, like sucking, kicking, swallowing and breathing amongst others.

How your foetus is developing week by week:

Are you feeling a lot of tapping and squirming? Your foetus has probably assumed the head-down-bottom-up position at this stage. This is done in preparation for birth. Don’t worry if your baby has not taken this position, though! Less than 5% of foetuses are in the breech position at full term, so there’s still a strong chance your baby will flip head-side-down eventually.

Also, your baby now has 20- to 40-minute sleeping cycles, getting his rest in preparation for the big day. You’ll probably feel less movement this week!

What you can do:

Rest. Your baby is sleeping soundly and you should too!

Ultrasound photos! But make sure to check with your doctor before you go ahead with those.

Just in case, start learning about the early indications of labour.

Eat regularly. Keep eating small snacks and avoid meals that are too big.

Don’t stress about stretch marks. Ninety percent of mummies get them, and they are an indication that your baby is growing healthily and beautifully!

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