Your pregnancy week by week: Week 33

After Week 32, you’re probably used to the weight of your baby-to-be. Good, because the foetus is still growing! Your foetus could be anywhere between 43 and 48 centimetres at this point—and you can look forward to 2.5 cm of growth this week. In addition, your foetus will still be gaining about a quarter of a kilo every week. Hang in there!

What’s happening to your body?

A third-trimester insomnia afflicts 3 in 4 pregnant women and is caused by a variety of factors. Whether hormonal changes, or frequent toilet-going, or cramps, there’s always something that might make it harder for you to sleep soundly.

With birth imminent, feelings of anxiety are prevalent in soon-to be moms.

Hormones might make your nails grow faster, but they might also make them a bit more brittle than usual.

You might be a bit short of breath. The large size of your womb means that your lungs can’t expand fully.

How your foetus is developing week by week:

The physical development of the foetus continues with significant length and weight gain. In addition, the foetus continues acting more and more like a newborn baby this week. Now, your foetus opens her eyes when awake and closes them when asleep.

Also this week, a milestone in foetal development is reached: the baby has her own immune system! You are passing your antibodies to prepare her for the world outside.

What you can do:

Relax! This is the best way to deal with third-trimester insomnia. Take a warm bath, get a massage from your partner, or read a book.

Get lots of biotin in your diet to strengthen your nails!

Stand up straight to give your lungs more room.

Attend a breastfeeding class! About 77% of new moms try breastfeeding after birth. Stock up on knowledge in case you choose to breastfeed your baby.

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