Your pregnancy week by week: Week 5

While  it was just a tiny ball of cells at 4 weeks, this week your little one’s heart has started beating! He has also been busy growing. Right now he is still about the size of an orange seed. Tiny and fragile. So do take care of yourself and refrain from strenuous physical activity.

How your Embryo is developing during pregnancy week by week:

The embryo now has three distinct layers: the outer ectoderm, which will form the nervous system, ears, eyes, inner ear and many connective tissues; the endoderm, or inner layer, which will grow into internal organs like the lungs, intestines and bladder; and the middle mesoderm, which will eventually make way for the heart and circulatory system.

What you can do right now:

Classic pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and exhaustion have started rearing their ugly heads now. Mummies, it’s important and it’s okay for you to start getting sufficient rest and relaxation! You and your spouse should also discuss when you would want to share your good news with family and friends.

If you are currently working, do also read your company’s maternity leave policy and contact your insurance provider so that you are well informed about your rights.

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