Your pregnancy week by week: Week 6

Some mummies may already know that they are with child in this early stage of pregnancy because of the classic symptoms at 5 weeks. By the sixth week, these symptoms should be in full effect and you can be almost certain of your pregnancy. The sixth week is also when most mummies make their first trip to the Dr to confirm their pregnancy.

What’s happening to your body right now:

Your body may not have changed much on the outside yet, but you will start to notice plenty of changes in your behaviour. During your sixth week, it’s not uncommon to have an increased appetite and for the oddest of all foods. You will also find yourself spending more time in the bathroom than anything else – both because of nausea and frequent urination.

It’s also not odd to find yourself dealing with extreme emotions right now, one minute you may be laughing till your sides ache and the next moment you find yourself weeping in the corner. This is normal and caused by your fluctuating hormones.

You may also find yourself spotting or bleeding. Spotting affects 1/4 of pregnant women. If you have any spotting, please call your Doctor as this could be a sign of  miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

How your Embryo is developing during pregnancy week by week:

six weeks pregnant

Mummy Tina shares her 6.8 week pregnancy ultrasound picture

The average embryo at week 6 is about 1/4 inches (size of a sweet pea or lentil seed) and will double in size again next week. The embryo takes on a C-shape and looks more like a tadpole than a human. You would be able to make out his ears, nose, mouth, arms and legs from an ultrasound scan.

Your little one’s heart, no bigger than a poppy seed, has also started beating with regular rhythm. In fact from now till birth, his heart will beat about 150 times a minute, double that of an average adult.

What you can do right now:

Stay close to the bathroom and improve muscle control by doing Kegel exercises several times a day.

The tricky thing about this pregnancy stage is that you probably haven’t spilled your secret to the world just yet. You may find yourself in the awkward stage of having to say no to drinking alcohol. A number of mothers feel that saying you are on antibiotics buys you two weeks of not having to explain why you are not drinking.

Weight gain is part and parcel of pregnancy. That being said, not every mother-to-be should gain the same amount of weight during pregnancy week by week. In the first trimester, weight gain is minimal (usually around 0-3 kg). It is also not uncommon to lose a lot of weight in the first trimester, due to morning sickness.. What you can do is to keep between 150-300 calories extra per day (An average woman needs about 1760 to 2400 calories each day, depending on weight and activity level). You can also split your meals into smaller portions and eat them throughout the day.

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