Your pregnancy week by week: Week 8

After 7 weeks,  your embryo has graduated into a fetus! It’s about 1.6cm long, about the size of a rasberry. While still tiny, he has been growing at an amazing rate (about a milimeter each day)!  Read on to find out more about his rapid progress in the 8th week of pregnancy.

What is happening to your body:

It’s common in your 8th week of pregnancy to have sharp pain on either side of your pelvis, especially when you stand up after sitting for a while. Your uterus is becoming heavy, and this can strain your round ligaments, the muscles that hold your uterus in place. Tell your Obgyn if you’re concerned.

Besides that, you may also stat having weird dreams – this is probably going to last throughout pregnancy, so get used to it.

How your fetus is developing during pregnancy week by week:

pregnancy week by week

As the fetus gets bigger, all organs, muscles, and nerves begin to function. His delicate facial features are becoming more refined, with his ears, upper lip, and the teeny tip of his nose all clearly visible. His tastebuds are also forming for the first time this week and his heart is growing stronger by the day. Also, the baby’s bones are becoming harder (ossification).

What you can do right now:

In the last couple of weeks, we recommended that you:

1. Check your company maternity policy

2. Call up your insurance provider

3. Start taking folic acid

Besides all of the above, this is a good time for you to start reading up on the second trimester of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Books and good websites can help you to understand the physical and emotional changes that you are going through in pregnancy week by week and help prepare you for the type of birth you might want to have.

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