Pregnancy story of Nancy

Posted by Nancy Emery on 11 October 2013 |0 Comments

At my baby shower May 2012
At my baby shower May 2012

How much weight did you gain during pregnancy?

About 7kg

What did you hate most about pregnancy? Was it the physical changes, sleeplessness, family pressure...

Towards the end, I was poorly so having to be in and out of hospital and doctors offices but a downer on it! I was very tired a lot of the time and I didn't have any weird cravings to make up for it!!

What did you love most about pregnancy? Bigger boobs, pregnancy glow, pampering from hubby...


What were the foods you avoided? Why?

All seafood, runny eggs, not too much tuna and things like that. I ate quite plain food, but really healthy and nutritious - lots of salad and veggies and protein.

What foods gave you more energy? Did the doctor or family make recommendations?

In the middle of my pregnancy, I had a bit of a taste for magnums ice cream so that gave me a boost when i needed it! I ate a lot of carbs like pasta, bread, noodles and rice also.